Making a habit takes a 21 days



Are you still washing your face with soap?

It has been proven that it takes approximately 21 to 20 days to form a habit. Whither it is a good for you habit or not so good for you habit. 

For instant many of us was taught from day one to wash your face with soap and water and this becomes an automatic habit as we get older.

But some of us start seeing dry skin, oily skin, ache and/or  early wrinkles as we age. Only then we will start seeking something to improve the look and feel of our skin. 

I still meet women around my age that still wash their face with soap and  that they don’t have a skin care regiment. Nor do they wear makeup or any protective foundation like a cc cream.

I can understand not wearing makeup, but not having a skincare regiment. What!! 

Well in my opinion,  if you are washing with soap and water that is your regiment, but not a healthy one in my book, for your skin need moister to look and feel healthy.  

What they don’t know that over time plain soap and water (unless it is some type of complex bar with herbs and nutrients for the face) can dry out the skin and cause premature aging, if not followed up with a good toner and moisturizer for your face. 

Plus, if you are putting makeup on unprotected with out any other protection skin sunscreen and/or mosituriser you could cause more damage to your skin as you age. It it harder to reverse it that it is to provent damaged skin.

I bet you didn’t know that environmental factors plays a major role in damaging your skin.  The sun, dust, smoking, cold, humidity, smog, your lifestyle and air borne particles and chemicals can clog pores that can lead to premature wrinkles, acne and other skin conditions, etc.

And soap and water alone do a poor job of cleaning the skin pores of the dirt and other elements that comes in contact with your face everyday.

The products that I use is not about covering up your face with make-up…these products are about beautiful healthy skin, that moisturizes, smooths, exfoliate to lift out dirt and oils and project your skin with daily use.

Most cosmetic companies today offer some type  of skin care solutions and skincare systems as well as cosmetics. And I have tried a few of them and I am pretty sure you have tried a few too.

Some work for a moment and then they don’t.  Well if you are still looking for something better and gives you more day after day then contact me below. 

It is always wise to check with a dermatologist if you have any known skin conditions and are not sure what your skin type is and ask about the best skincare products for your skin type. 

But before you pay for that expensive treatment that he/she is going to sale to you, I ask you to give my products a try. 

You may save some money and you can even take it to your dermatologist to for his/her advise. We have no problem with that because our products are created and backed by experienced dermatologists.  



Disclaimer: Please note these comments on my blog are my personal opinion and my personal research and experience as an independent beauty consultant on skin care. You may or may not get the same results as others and you may get better results than others. Please consultant your doctor or dermatologist before changing your skin care routine. This content is for informational purposes only.

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