Go Beyond Soap and Water


Taking care of skin goes beyond soap and water.

Using soap and water is good. While it does get you clean over time it can dry out the skin and open it up to sun damage, early wrinkles, and age spots.

Did you know that the skin is your largest organ? It absorbs water, oils, and air it needs to heal itself.

And did you know that each area of your skin is different?

For example, your facial skin is more sensitive and thinner than the skin on your feet and hands. Especially, around the eyes where it is the thinnest.

Products made for the feet tend to be thick, oily, creamy, and heavy for use on the face.

And the opposite is true for products created for the face. Which are light, airy, thinner, and lightly creamy.

Light facial creams will work well on your face but don’t do much on the feet. You will need more in a few minutes.

These are my five steps to clean and healthy facial skin:

1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser without harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients.
2. Exfoliate to remove that top layer of dead skin at least once a week. Twice at the most.
3. Use a serum that has vitamin C and vitamin E after cleansing.
4. Use a moisturizing mask to massage it on top of the serum you just put on your face. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes before removing your mask. Do this once or twice a week.
5. Use a gentle moisturizer after you have removed the mask.
Note: Day and night creams work wonders for preventing damage to the face. And many use day and night creams as daily moisturizers.

Tip: perform steps 1,3,5 every day morning and night.

For all-over care: My suggestion would be body scrubs and bath wash. They are very popular these days.

I avoid soaps because it dries out my skin, unless they have natural ingredients and hold moisturizers for the skin then I would choose soap.

Be sure the read the ingredients before buying any skincare products. Not all body scrubs and body washes are equal.

Choose a scrub that is sea salt or Epson salt-based and moisturizes. Body wash that is gentle but effective in getting the body clean.

When using the salt scrub only use it once or twice a week or soak in sea salts in the tub. Any often that this may irritate your skin.

An Epson salt bath not only soothes sore aching muscles but also softens the skin all over. You will feel so soft, and relaxed and sleep better.

I like to take an Epson salt bath at least once to twice a week.

Again, choose products that don’t have a lot of harsh chemicals and toxins, especially on your face.

sun exploser

I would also like to add, proper skin care and regular use of sunscreen go a long way toward protecting your exposed skin from harmful rays of the sun and other environmental conditions like wind, rain, smog, and dust.

These environmental factors play a vital part in skin damage and early signs of aging.

Tip: Before going out in the sun, use sunscreen. If you are sensitive to sunscreen, wear a hat and cover up exposed skin when out in the sun or find shade to enjoy the sunny weather.

In summary, these are my basic tips for skin care.
Cleanse and moisturize every day. Exfoliate and use a vitamin C and E serum and mask once to twice a week. The serum can be used daily as well.

Look for products that have as many natural ingredients as possible. Natural would be best for the skin.

Avoid overexposure to the sun, and wear sunscreen.

If you cannot wear sunscreen, wear a hat, cover up or find shade when enjoying the sunny weather.

And everything is not for everybody, so you may have to do a little research in finding what will work for you.

Until next time…Love the skin you’re in!


Disclaimer: This blog is informational purposes only. It is intended to give the reader something to consider when looking for ways for self care. Happy Skin Everyone!