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Go Beyond Soap and Water


Taking care of skin goes beyond soap and water.

Overtime soap and water, does get it clean, but can dry out the skin and open it to sun damage and other things.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ on your body? It absorbs the water and oils that you and needs air to heal itself.

And did you know that different areas of your skin are different? For instance your facial skin is more sensitive and thinner than the skin on your feet.

So the products made for the feet maybe too heavy use on your face.  Usually the heavier lotions and creams are for the feet and the lighter lotions and creams are for the face area.

Also, your face and hands are exposed to the elements most of the time. The reset of the body is usually covered most of the time.

These two areas the face and hands can receive the most damage for everyday activities.

Now if you live in warmer climates you may ware sandals most of the time or even go barefoot a lot.

In that case pay additional to your feet. If you stand on your feet a lot give your feet some TLC often.

These frequent activities and others cause the skin to thicken on the bottom of the feet.

This thicken of the skin is the body creating a protective barrier on the feet but if over a period of time it goes unchecked it could cause calluses, corns and other informalities of the feet.

If it go untreated for a long period of time it could cause pain and other unwanted conditions, so most people will need to get this extra skin scraped off from time to time.

A weekly to monthly pedicure will do wonders for your feet. And wear shoes that fit you well, not to tight and lower heels.

I have learnt from experience wearing heels all the time is not good for the feet nor for the body. Pointy heels pinch the toes and make the feet sore for prolonged standing and walking in heels.

Now back to the face. Proper skincare and sunscreen goes a long ways to protecting your exposed skin to the harmful rays of the sun and other environmental conditions like the wind, rain, smog, if you are in any area of high pollutions.

Dust, smoke, car/truck exhaust all are environmental elements that plays a part in skin damage and early signs of aging.

Do your skin a favor and find a mild skin cleanser and moisturizer and sun screen (if you are sensitive to sun screen, do not use it) wear a hat when out in the sun will help.

Do this daily to reduce the signs of aging and dry skin. These are basic tips for skin care. There are other things to add to you daily.

There are additional things you can do to maintain health skin with a little of selfcare. An Epson salt bath not only soothes sore aching muscles but is also softens the skin all over. I take an Epson salt bath at least once to twice a week.

Another example is a good facial scrub like microdermabrasion to scrub away that dead layer of skin that soap and water just cannot do. Please follow up with your favorite moisturizer to lock in that moisturizer. 

In conclusion, there are just too many great skin care products to mention in this blog. And everything is not for everybody, so you make have to do some research in finding what will work for you.

Finding a wel-trained beauty consultant will also help shorten your search. 

Until next time…Love the skin you’re in! 

-martha, owner


This blog is informational only. It is intended to give the reader something to consider when looking for ways to self care. Happy Skin Everyone!