About Me

Hi Friend!

Martha here. I am glad you drop by. Here is a little about me. 

I am a part-time Beauty Consultant and a full-time Project Manager.  You may be wondering why would a Project Manager would be a beauty consultan?

Well I will tell you why.

As a single mom raising five daughters I found myself at the time in need of supplementing my income without having to leave home to travel to another job.

It dawn on me to try direct sales again. Direct sales is a great way to earn extra income and work from home while you earned.

And inviting some people for a get-together or home party to try some great products, have fun, and make money sounded like a no brainer to me!

And it is a lot of fun work.

 Four of my daughters are grown and out of the house now. f

Motherhood is wonderful, but having that extra time to do what you want is just as special. 

With everything that is going on in the world right now it was time to get online to stay in touch with those I cannot see face to face since most are working remote now.

Plus I am able to reach out and make new friends and acquaintances online too.

I love the skin I am in. And if you are like me in need of some pampering at the end of your day, contact me  and lets connect. 

Let me introduce you to some great products that can make you feel great as well as look great!

My I Story

I decided a few years ago that I wanted to do more than work at an office job doing the 8 to 5 life.

I wanted something a little different from the daily office meetings and taking care of someone else’s business clients.

I wanted to make my own business decisions and take care of my own personal clients. So, this is why I became and  independent beauty consultant a few years ago.

Yes, I still love my day job, but I wanted something more to call my own, do it part-time and bring in extra income to my household. Not only that, I wanted  to do something fun and worthwhile and maybe make some new friends along the way.

With my own business, I am a little more flexible with my time. The feeling of empowerment is incredible when you get to make decisions that influence and enhance other people lives.

I want a website that will bring some of the best skincare advice and the best in skincare products. And this will be it.

Even if you do not purchase from me, I want you to have good information to help you make the best decision for you.

Abundance Health and Prosperity to you,


Mission Statement

My mission is to empower others to be, do, and have whatever it is he or she wants out of life.

I believe that we are conscious creators in charge our own destinies and it is time to take control and be responsible for our outcomes.


Value Statement

I value hard work, high integrity and having fun.

Sometimes intermingling work with fun, whenever possible. 

I value every day that I wake up to. I am grateful to be living this life right now in this now moment.  

Each day and each moment  is an opportunity to make the most beneficial choices that will bring your best life yet!

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