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Martha Davis

Independent Beauty Consultant
 selling Mary Kay Skincare and
Color Cosmetics for
women and men
Located in: Jacksonville, AR

Enriching Lives 

Loving my life and Loving what I do. Enriching women lives one face at a time.

Hey friend are you looking for a more enriching life?

Then start with uplifting your skin to a more youthful look.

Build confidence and pride in yourself while doing it.

Then pass it forward to someone you love in your life that need some uplifting.

You will be glad that it did. I know I did.

My Favorite Best-Seller

TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™

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My Specialties

  • Age Fighting Skin Care
  • Bridal Looks
  • Makeovers
  • Foundation Shade Matching
  • Color Consultations

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How to Properly Wash Your Face

Understanding the correct way to wash your face is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Let's delve into whether there's a truly 'proper' method to this daily ritual.Using the right technique when washing your face can make a significant difference in your skin's...

Pamper Yourself

Are you type of person who just do for others more than you do for yourself? May I suggest you start doing something for yourself. You can start be pampering yourself the way I do. And that is with Mary Kay Skin Care products. Pampering yourself with Mary Kay skin...

Basic Skin Care

Every day, your skin battles against environmental aggressors like UV rays, pollution, and harsh climates that accelerate the aging process. Understanding and implementing both basic and advanced skincare routines can significantly help in maintaining a youthful,...

Make Skin Care a Healthy Habit

It takes about 21 days to make a habitwritten by Martha DavisAre you still washing your face with soap? It has been proven that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. Whither it is a good for you habit or not so good for you habit. For instant many of us was...

Skin Types

There are four basic skin types: dry normal combination  oily And each skin type has its own characteristics.Dry Skin Characteristics:  Dry skin is characterized by small pores and a matte (dull) finish with little or no superficial oil or shine. Expression lines are...

Skin Tone

Understanding your skin tone is crucial for choosing the right makeup shades and skincare products. Each skin tone is unique, reflecting your personal heritage and biology. Dive into the fascinating world of skin tones and learn how to enhance your natural beauty...