Greetings! And Welcome to my blog.

So glad you have landed here! It must mean that you are looking for great skin care.

Let me introduce myself. I am small business owner and Independent Beauty Consultant and have learnt to take better care of my skin and want to show you how to achieve similar results.

Over the years I have used many different skin care and beauty products from head to toe, but there is one brand I it just cannot let go of and I will tell you about that in a minute.

A little background about my skin care journey. Like many of us as a child I had good looking skin and didn’t need to worry about skin care, my parents took care of that with soap and water and perhaps lotions and creams formulated for a baby and a young child’s skin.

But in the teenage years’ things got I bit more complicated. You know puberty sets in and everything in you short life changes at this point. And for me, I developed oily skin.  If you have oily or combination skin, like me you tend to have had acne breakouts often.

Usually, you can go to the drug store and get over the counter acne treatments but these products, I don’t know about you, dried out my skin and the lotions and creams clog the pores. I tried makeup to cover this up, but it still peeped through. The bumps were still there. So, it was hit or missed with most OTC products I used.

Does department store products was way out my affordability reach at that time, nor could I afford to go to a dermatologist, but my ache never got that bad, but I know of others that had to go the dermatologist for skin care advice and treatment.

OTC products seemed to be a temporary fix when you started using them. I found that when you start using them they seem to work for a week or two and some even a month or more, but nothing longer than that. So, I would try a different product and again the same cycle repeats. It seemed to work for about a few weeks, but then stop.

I would try a new acne product that would hit the market before using up what I previous bought the month before and ended up with a cabinet full of skin care products that just did not work for me over the long term.

Now I was told that the skin gets dryer as you age and breaks out wouldn’t be so bad. In my experience during my 30’s and 40’s I still would get breakout, but not as bad in my teen years. So, I can believe in the aging theory a little.

But by this time, I had learnt other factors that affect my skin like the change in the environment and eating habits. The first thing I did was to cut out fried foods, soda pops, meat, and cutting back on sweets, especially soda pops and breads (cake, cookies, etc.).  I started drinking more water and herbal teas.  These things made a sufficient change in my skin appearance.

But I still got breaks-outs around my nose and chin area from time to time. Then I found out about Mary Kay Clear Proof acne system.  I tried it for two months and was amazed. The breakouts got less and less.

Today I use the anti-aging product but still use the Clear Proof toner and acne cream to maintain my healthy acne free glow.

Now this may not be where you want to start. You my have normal or dry skin which isn’t as ache prone as oily skin, but prone to wrinkles and earlier signs of aging quicker. I got you covered for dry skin as well.

If you do not know or not sure what you skin type is then please check out my blog page to learn more. And please feel free to contact me with your questions. I will be happy to serve you.

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